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May 20, 2013
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your dress doesn't look like the ice queen's so don't worry,
This also happened before he met flame princess :D so that's all~!

You woke up lying on the ground covered in snow, everything was chilly but you were wearing a jacket.

"Where am I?" You said to yourself questioning, you didn't know why you were there you don't even remember anything going there.

You heard someone cheering and shouting 'Radical'. You then saw a boy with a yellow dog.

You were debating with yourself either you ask him or you just stay where you are.

When you finally made up your mind you just went to the boy and talked to him. You tripped a little because it was unusual when you saw you weren't actually wearing a jacket but a long gown.

"Um, hello?" You asked a but shyly, "Jake look!" The boy said with a energetic voice.

"Uhh may I ask questions?" You asked almost mumbling. "Ya sure" The dog replied with a happy grin. "Um, first of all do you know how I got here? And second um can you tell me why I'm here?" You asked but wasn't sure either they were nice.

"Um we mostly don't know anything but I think you were captured by the ice king", when you slightly bowed you saw a tiara fall of your head, when you picked it up behind it was carved 'Snow princess'.

"Snow Princess? I don't ever remember being a princess of snow, "Hmm your a princess of snow? But I don't see anything in you related to the ice king" the boy said with a questioning look.

"Well she doesn't have blue skin or white hair, so I'm guessing she's not related to ice king, oh and by the way I'm Finn and this is Jake" Finn said answering his own question, "Finn I think we should bring her to Bubblegum first" Jake said giving Finn an opinion.

"Um princess can we bring you to another princess Bubblegum?", you just nodded in reply, you all then went to the Candy Kingdom.

"Princess Bubblegum, it's us Finn and Jake!" The gates then opened to reveal a girl with pink hair a tiara like yours and a pink gown.

"Princess Bubblegum we would like you to meet snow princess but can you just examine her a little so we would know a little about her?"

"Well sure boys, Snow Princess would you please follow me?" She asked you which you just agreed.

~Time Skip~

"Well I examined her, she isn't related to the ice king but she can control snow, so that's her element, she seems to have a memory loss before she came to Ooo but I know you'll do great of you guys give her a little tour in Ooo."

The two then gave a nod at the other princess and lend you his hand which you gladly gave yours".

~Time skip 'cause that's gonna take forever XD ~

You then ended arriving at a big treehouse, "And lastly this is our home~!" The boy cheered as he showed his home.

"Wow your home is huge" you turned around sat and looked at the sunset, your smile turned into a frown worrying where would you stay for the night.

He then followed you to where you sat and asked "Why the lonely face", you paused for a moment and continued.

"Well you know I just got here and all but I don't know where to stay, I mean I forgot everything since I came here" you whispered but just loud to hear.

He sighed and thought for a moment.

He then went to the dog a whispered something, he had a faint blush on his cheeks but you turned around to see the night full of stars.

"Would you mind staying in our house for a bit, until you find a good home to stay in?" He still had that faint blush for asking a girl especially a princess to sleep in his house.

You smiled and hugged him as a reply. He pushed you slightly so his face can meet yours, he slowly kissed you with. His lips were warm and filled with passion.

He parted and said "I never knew I would share this with you for my first time".

"This is an unforgetful moment~"
For Finn fan girls XD really this just came in my mind XD also this has got to be the longest fanfiction I wrote X3

Adventure Time (c) Pendleton Ward
You (c) You

:iconbegplz: hope chu like it :D
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DAWWWWWWW ^^ THIS WAS  SO CUTE~~!! *squeaks*
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Eliza1012 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Is this a one shot? Because if it isnt is there another chapterAdorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
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So kawaii!
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i imagine my dress being like elsa's from frozen
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